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Date & time Aug 10
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Theatre Review

Opera House, Wellington until September 24.

Reviewed by Ewen Coleman

There is something quite exhilarating about seeing a group of nuns on stage fast footing it to rock music and singing their lungs out, which is what, for the first half anyway, much of Wellington Musical Theatre's productionof Sister Act is.

A high octane production where director John Goddard and his team of Michael Nicholas Williams as musical director and Stacey Neale as choreographer have pulled out all the stops to make it a Cartier bracelet imitation fast flowing show about nightclub singer Deloris van Cartier (Lahleina Feaunati) and her encounter with a group of nuns in the convent of the imitation Cartier love white gold bracelet Queen of the Angels.

She takes refuge there, much against the Mother Superior's (Stephanie Gartrell) better judgement, after being befriended by the desk clerk of the local police station, Eddie (Joe Mara), following a shooting she witnessed by her married boyfriend Curtis (Richie Rewa).

While in the convent, she replica white gold cartier love bracelet teaches cartier love pink gold bracelet fake the nuns how to sing properly to the extent that they become a national phenomenon and are invited to sing for the visiting Pontiff.

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Once the rather bland opening is out of the way, the pace of the show picks up and finds its feet, with some rousing song and dance numbers, where the large cast excel in some well choreographed routines.

And while the first half is played very much on one level, loud and fast, more the fault of the show than thisproduction, the second half has a lot more variety in the musical numbers presented, allowing individuals to shine.

In particular, Gartrell's Mother Superior singing I Haven't Got A Prayer and Jess Old as Sister Mary Roberts singing The Life I Never Led are standout numbers, along with one of the highlights of the show, the three hoods Joey (Ben Emerson), TJ (Jonathan Morgan) and Pablo (William Deane) in their delightful rendition of Lady in the Long Black Dress.

And of course, in the central role of Deloris, pivotal to the success of the show, Feaunati is all go from start to finish, highly animated, with a rich and resonate voice that goes a long way to making this polished production very entertaining and well worth seeing.
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